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818 Tequila Net Worth

818 Tequila is a brand of premium tequila that has been gaining in popularity in recent years. The company was founded in 2014 and since then has become known as one of the best craft tequilas available. With the growing demand for their products, the company has continued to grow and increase its net worth while becoming an essential part of many social occasions.

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  • What type of tequila does 818 Tequila produce?

    818 Tequila produces 100% blue agave tequilas, crafted with a special blend of carefully selected agaves from Jalisco, Mexico. Their portfolio includes blanco, reposado and añejo varieties.

    How much is 818 Tequila's net worth?

    As of 2019, 818 Tequila's net worth was estimated at $25 million USD.

    Where does 818 Tequila source its agaves from?

    818 Tequila sources its agaves exclusively from Jalisco, Mexico.

    Does 818 Tequila offer any other spirits besides tequila?

    No, 818 Tequila only produces 100% blue agave tequilas with three different varieties (blanco, reposado and añejo).

    What makes 818 Tequila unique?

    Unlike other brands on the market, 818 Tequila uses a unique aging process that gives it an exceptionally smooth taste and rich aroma that elevates each sip. In addition, they use the finest hand-selected agaves from Jalisco, Mexico to create theirproducts' distinct flavor profile.

    818 Tequila is a rapidly growing company that has created an impressive net worth by producing some of the finest handcrafted tequilas available on the market today. Their dedication to using high-quality ingredients combined with their unique aging process make them stand out among other brands for their exceptional flavor and aroma.


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