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Alex Rodriguez, more commonly known as A-Rod, is a professional baseball player and entrepreneur. He has had an incredibly successful career in the MLB, where he has achieved various accolades and a massive net worth. In this article we will take a closer look at A-Rod's net worth to get a better idea of how much he is worth currently.

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  • What is the estimated net worth of A-Rod?

    According to Celebrity Net Worth, Alex Rodriguez’s net worth is estimated at $350 million.

    How did A-Rod amass such a large fortune?

    Throughout his career, Alex Rodriguez earned an estimated total of $441 million from baseball alone. Additionally, he also generates income from various investments and endorsements.

    What other accolades does A-Rod have under his belt?

    During his time in the MLB, Alex Rodriguez was named 14 times to the All-Star team and won three MVP awards for 2003, 2005 and 2007 seasons. He was also honored with 10 Silver Slugger Awards over the course of his career for being one of the top offensive players in the game during those years.

    How has A-Rod used some of his riches?

    In addition to investing money into different companies, Alex Rodriguez purchased many real estate investments throughout Miami including mansions and rental properties. He also invested heavily into fitness centers such as RushFitness Centers and Crunch gyms throughout New York City.

    What ventures has A-Rod been involved in outside of sports?

    Outside of baseball, Alex Rodriguez has served as an investor on ABC’s Shark Tank program as well as other business ventures such as NRG Esports which serves as an investment platform for esports teams worldwide.

    With an impressive lifetime earnings record and various investments made throughout his career, it comes as no surprise that current net worth of Alex Rodriguez sits at an astounding $350 million. Although he retired from playing professionally in 2016 he continues to find success through smart investments and business endeavors around the world making him one of baseball’s all time greats both on and off the field.


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