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Akothee Net Worth

Akothee is a Kenyan musician, entrepreneur and philanthropist who has accumulated an impressive net worth. Her career as a top-selling musician in East Africa, coupled with her business savvy have enabled her to build a fortune estimated at over $10 million dollars. Akothee is also the founder of her own charity organization, Akothee Foundation (AFO), which helps support the cause of marginalized communities in the region.

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Esther Akoth (born 8 April 1983), better known as Akothee, is a Kenyan musician and businesswoman. She is the founder of Akothee Safaris, a tour company ...

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  • How did Akothee make her money?

    Akothee has built her fortune through a combination of successful musical releases and well-executed business investments. Her music career started in 2003 when she signed with Sony Music Entertainment Africa, making her one of the first female artists to sign with the label. She has since released several albums that have achieved both national and international success. Additionally, she owns several businesses including fashion boutiques, real estate holdings, and media firms which continue to generate income for her.

    What is the Akothee Foundation (AFO)?

    AFO is a charity organization founded by Akothee to help fight poverty among marginalized communities in Kenya and beyond. The organization provides assistance such as medical supplies, school fees for children from low-income families, vocational training programs, and educational scholarships to empower people of all ages.

    How much money does Akothee have?

    It is estimated that Akothee's net worth stands at around $10 million dollars. This includes income from music royalties as well as investments in various businesses ranging from fashion boutiques to media firms.

    What other charitable initiatives does Akothee undertake?

    In addition to running AFO, Akothee also works together with other organizations such as UNICEF on projects related to child rights protection. She has also been involved in fundraising activities for victims of natural disasters across Kenya including floods and drought relief efforts.

    Akothee is one of the most successful musicians and entrepreneurs in East Africa and she has certainly earned every cent of her impressive net worth. Through hard work and dedication she has managed not only to become wealthy but also use her wealth for good by founding AFO as well as supporting other charitable initiatives across Kenya.


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