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Alan Stillman Net Worth

Alan Stillman is an American entrepreneur and the founder of the famous restaurant chain TGI Fridays. He is estimated to have a net worth of $72 million. This article will explain Alan Stillman's net worth, provide relevant FAQs and conclude.

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  • How did Alan Stillman become wealthy?

    Alan Stillman became wealthy after founding and building the popular restaurant chain, TGI Fridays. He also invested in other businesses throughout his career.

    What are some of the businesses that Alan Stillman invested in?

    Some of the businesses that Alan Stillman invested in included real estate, shopping centers, office buildings and hotels.

    What contribution did Alan Stillman make to the restaurant industry?

    Before launching TGI Fridays, there were no casual dining restaurants with a bar-like atmosphere. He revolutionized the industry by introducing this new concept and generating large profits for himself as well as his investors.

    When did Alan Stillman start TGI Fridays?

    Alan Stillman founded TGI Fridays in 1965 in New York City. The first location opened on First Avenue and 63rd Street – it was an immediate success!

    What other organizations has Alan Stillman been involved with?

    In addition to founding TGI Fridays, Alan Stillman has also been involved with numerous organizations including; The Federal Reserve Bank of New York, The American Cancer Society, The World Wildlife Fund and The Lighthouse for the Blind among others.

    From starting just one business out of his apartment in 1965 to having a current net worth of $72 million – it’s evident that Alan Stillman has made an impressive mark on the restaurant industry over his lifetime and beyond. He continues to inspire entrepreneurs everywhere through his successes!


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