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Alex Jones Kickin It Net Worth

Alex Jones is an American radio and internet talk show host, conspiracy theorist, filmmaker, writer, and political activist. He is known for his controversial views on many topics including the government, 9/11 conspiracies, and vaccines. As a result of his influence in radio and online media, as well as some investments he has made over the years, Alex Jones’ net worth has grown to an estimated $10 million dollars.

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  • What Investment Has Led To Alex Jones' Net Worth?

    Alex Jones has made investments in various businesses over the years that have contributed to his net worth. He is also the CEO of his own media streaming website which further adds to his wealth.

    How Popular Is Alex Jones?

    Millions of people tune in to listen to Alex Jones on his podcast The Alex Jones Show or watch him online at Infowars Live each week. His reach also extends beyond natural listeners as major news outlets often report on several of his outlandish theories or claim that he has influenced popular opinion on certain issues with his views.

    What Controversies Has Alex Jones Been Involved In?

    Alex Jones has been involved in numerous controversies including promoting debunked 9/11 conspiracies, accusing the U.S government of creating Hurricane Katrina, and making false claims about the Sandy Hook mass shooting that resulted in family members taking legal action against him.

    What Other Projects Does Alex Jones Work On?

    Aside from hosting The Alex Jones Show podcast and InfoWars Live stream, he produces books and films on topics related to conspiracy theories such as 911 Inside Job (2011) and False Flag (2015). Additionally he runs multiple YouTube channels which continue to generate revenue from ad revenue generated by viewers watching them alongside InfoWars products such as supplements sold through their retail store

    Through a combination of hosting a popular talk show podcast and streaming service, producing books and films related to conspiracy theories, investing in various businesses over the years as well as running multiple YouTube channels; Alex Jones' net worth is estimated at $10 million dollars today.


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