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Alexei Mordashov Net Worth In Dollars

Alexei Mordashov is a prominent Russian businessman and investor who currently has a net worth of $19.8 billion. He is the majority shareholder of steel company Severstal, which is among the largest companies in Russia. He also has interests in other sectors such as telecommunications, media, banking, and more. In this article, we will discuss Alexei Mordashov's net worth and how he earned it.

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As of March 2022, Bloomberg Billionaires Index estimated Mordashov's personal net worth at US$21.2 billion, making him the second-richest person in Russia.

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  • What is Alexei Mordashov's primary source of income?

    Alexei Mordashov's primary source of income is Severstal, one of the biggest steel companies in Russia. As its majority shareholder, he earns substantial dividends from its profits. Additionally, he has investments in other sectors that generate additional sources of income as well.

    How much money does Alexei Mordashov have in his net worth?

    According to Forbes' calculations, Alexei Mordashov currently has a net worth of $19.8 billion.

    How was Alexei Mordashov able to accumulate so much wealth?

    Alexei Mordashov was able to accumulate his wealth through astute investment decisions and industry savvy. His success with Severstal and his ability to capitalize on opportunities have been key factors in his success and enabled him to amass such an impressive fortune over time.

    Alexei Mordashov's current net worth stands at an impressive $19.8 billion dollars according to Forbes' calculations. His primary source of income comes from Severstal, which he owns a majority stake in as well as investments in other sectors such as telecommunications and media which contribute to generating further wealth for him. Through astute investment decisions and industry savvy he has been able to amass this impressive fortune over time.


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