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Alice Braga Net Worth

Alice Braga Moraes is a Brazilian actress, best known for roles in Hollywood movies like I Am Legend and The Rite. She also has starred in many Brazilian television shows and films. As of 2020, Alice Braga’s net worth is estimated to be $5 Million dollars, making her one of the highest paid Latin American actresses.

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Alice Braga Moraes is a Brazilian actress and producer. She has appeared in several Brazilian films, starring as Angélica in the acclaimed City of God ...

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  • How did Alice Braga make her money?

    Alice Braga generates most of her wealth from her successful acting career. She has appeared in several Hollywood movies and television shows over the years which have earned her a lot of recognition and praise. Apart from that, she has also done some work as an ambassador for Pirelli, one of the top tire manufacturers in the world.

    What was Alice Braga's biggest role?

    Alice Braga's most notable role is that of Anna Montez in the 2007 movie I Am Legend starring Will Smith. Not only did this film bring her immense global attention but it was also a box office hit earning more than half a billion dollars around the world.

    What has Alice been up to lately?

    Recently, Alice enjoyed a recurring role on USA Network’s Queen Of The South and recently wrapped up filming on Netflix’s much-anticipated original series based on the popular game Resident Evil franchise titled 'Resident Evil - Infinite Darkness.' She will play an important role in this show alongside actor Nick Apostolides.

    How has Alice used her wealth?

    While maintaining an impressive lifestyle with multiple luxury cars and high end properties, Alice puts much of her wealth towards charity projects including those related to animal rights welfare, children's education and HIV awareness campaigns across Brazil & US.

    With over 15 years in the entertainment industry and having made numerous successful on-screen appearances along with commercial work as ambassador for Pirelli tires , it is no surprise that Alice Braga is one of Latin Americas highest paid actresses with a stunning net worth of 5 Million Dollars.


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