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Allen Glick Net Worth

Allen Glick is an American businessman, best known for his involvement in the Las Vegas casino industry. He acquired a number of high-profile casinos from 1971 to 1984, including the Stardust and Fremont casinos, and his net worth as of 2020 was estimated at around $154 million.

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7. Argent Corporation - Wikipedia
The company was owned by Allen R. Glick, a San Diego real estate investor. The name Argent came from the three initials of his name, combined with the first ...

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    In summary, Allen Glick is an American businessman who achieved great success in the Las Vegas casino industry, becoming one of its most iconic figures with a net worth estimated at around $154 million as of 2020. His legacy lives on today and he has been remembered for his many acquisitions during his years in business.


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