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Cheryl Terrell Net Worth

Cheryl Terrell is an American businesswoman and entrepreneur best known for her successful career in the fields of television, film and music. Her net worth is estimated at $25 million dollars as of 2021. She is a highly respected figure in the entertainment industry with a long record of success. In this article, we will discuss Cheryl Terrell's net worth and the sources of her income.

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  • What are some sources of Cheryl Terrell’s wealth?

    Cheryl Terrell's wealth comes from her successful career in television, film and music. She has secured lucrative deals with major networks such as ABC and NBC, as well as movie studios like Warner Brothers and Disney. Additionally, she has also released several highly successful albums throughout her career.

    How did Cheryl Terrell become so successful?

    Cheryl Terrell achieved success in the entertainment industry by being a leader in innovative projects that highlight female talent. She was one of the first people to recognize the power of having strong female role models on-screen or behind the scenes and was instrumental in creating numerous opportunities to celebrate women’s perspectives over the decades. Additionally, her authentic style helped her project get noticed by major networks and studios alike.

    What other businesses is Cheryl Terrell involved in?

    In addition to being a renowned executive producer, Cheryl Terrell also serves on multiple corporate boards such as Amblin Partners and Lionsgate Entertainment. Additionally, she is one of five managing partners at Equity Labs, a venture capital firm focused on investing in companies led by diverse founders across industries such as technology, media and healthcare.

    What awards has Cheryl Terrell won throughout her career?

    Throughout her impressive career, Cheryl Terrell has been recognized for excellence by many different organizations both within the entertainment industry and beyond it. Some of these include six Emmy Awards for producing various TV shows; Women In Film Crystal + Lucy Award; Women’s Image Network Excellence Award; Producer Of The Year Award from NABFEME; Variety Magazine Power Of Women LA Award; Karaoke Hall Of Fame Member; NAACP Image Award nomination for Outstanding Motion Picture (for producing “Selma”); among others.

    Has she ever won any recognitions from Forbes Magazine?

    Yes! In 2021 Cheryl Terrell was named one of Forbes magazine's “The World's 100 Most Powerful Women” list which recognizes top influencers who have made significant contributions to their respective fields across business, government or philanthropy.

    As evidenced by this article, it is clear that Cheryl Terry's immense success is well-deserved due to her efforts towards connecting talented women with opportunities which further augmented their influence over society through the arts & entertainment world. Her estimated net worth stands at $25 million dollars which makes sense considering all the accomplishments she has achieved throughout her illustrious career spanning over two decades now.


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