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Chris Pontius Net Worth

Chris Pontius is an American actor, comedian, stunt performer, and television host who is best known for his roles on the MTV show Jackass and Wildboyz. He has gained a lot of popularity for his work in the entertainment industry, and as a result, he has amassed quite a fortune. In this article, we will be looking at Chris Pontius’ net worth, relevant FAQs and more.

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  • How much is Chris Pontius’ net worth?

    According to Celebrity Net Worth, Chris Pontius’ net worth is estimated to be around $2 million.

    What shows did Chris Pontius star in?

    Chris Pontius starred in the MTV shows Jackass and Wildboyz. He also co-created and hosted the MTV program “The Dudesons in America”.

    What other projects has Chris been involved with?

    In recent years, Chris has been involved with various film projects such as “Wrong Cops” and “Knife Fight”. Additionally, he appeared on the reality show Wipeout for one season in 2011.

    Does Chris Pontius do any charity work?

    Yes! In 2010, he was appointed by Obama to serve on the President's Advisory Committee on Arts & Humanities which helps involve youth from underserved communities in arts activities. He also partnered with Rock The Vote to create an awareness campaign encouraging young people to vote during elections.

    From his involvement in multiple shows throughout his career and his work in the film industry, it's no surprise why Chris Pontius' net worth today is estimated at around $2 million dollars. His ambition and talent have helped him achieve great success which he continues to enjoy today.


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