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Dave Hester Net Worth

Dave Hester is an American reality television personality and business owner known for starring on the A&E series Storage Wars. His net worth is estimated at $6 million as of 2021. In this article, we'll take a look at his career, his Storage Wars earnings, and other sources of income that have led to his net worth.

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9. Dave Hester Net Worth 2022: Biography Career Income Home
Dave Hester Net Worth 2022: Biography Career Income HomeSep 30, 2022 ... Dave Hester's total net worth is around $7 Million. What is the age of Dave Hester? Currently, Dave Hester is 58 years old (23 July 1964).

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  • How much money did Dave Hester make from Storage Wars?

    It's estimated that Dave Hester was earning around $25-30,000 per episode throughout his run with Storage Wars.

    What other business does Dave Hester own?

    In addition to appearing on Storage Wars, Dave Hester owns a pawn shop in Costa Mesa, California called Rags to Riches Thrift Store. He also owns multiple storage units which he rents out for extra income.

    What other projects has Dave Hester been involved in?

    He's appeared on multiple other television shows such as Baggage Battles, Auction Hunters and Bargain Mansions. In 2013 he created a reality show called Let's Make a Deal where people can trade their items for cash.

    As one of the most recognizableStorage Wars stars, Dave Hester has earned enough income through different sources to amass a significant net worth over the years. His hard work and business savvy have made him one of the wealthiest reality TV personalities today.


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