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Eli Manning Net Worth

Eli Manning is a former American football quarterback who played most of his career in the NFL for the New York Giants, spending 15 seasons with the team. He is one of the highest-paid quarterbacks ever and has a net worth estimated at around $100 million.

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  • How much is Eli Manning's net worth?

    Eli Manning's net worth is estimated to be around $100 million.

    What did Eli Manning do during his career?

    Eli Manning was a professional American football quarterback who spent 15 seasons playing for the New York Giants in the NFL.

    How long did Eli Manning play in the NFL?

    Eli Manning played for 15 years before retiring from professional football in 2019.

    Eli Manning was one of the most successful quarterbacks of all time, spending 15 years with the legendary New York Giants franchise and securing himself an impressive estimated net worth of $100 million. He has achieved much success both on and off the field, becoming one of only two quarterbacks to win multiple Super Bowl MVP awards and leaving behind an esteemed legacy that will live on forever.


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