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Famous Tube Family Net Worth

The Familytube Family is a family of seven that rose to fame on YouTube. They are best known for their comedy skits and vlogs, showing off their lives as they travel around the world. They have become one of the most popular families in the YouTube space, amassing over 6 million subscribers and millions of views per video. With this success comes great wealth, with their net worth estimated at over $30 million USD

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  • How did the Familytube Family make their money?

    The Familytube Family made their money primarily from YouTube ad revenue and by using brand endorsements on their channel. In addition, they have invested in a variety of other business ventures, ranging from real estate to clothing lines.

    What do the family members do outside of YouTube?

    Most of the family members still work within entertainment-related fields as well as hold additional investments outside of YouTube. For example, LaRon Johnson (the father) has his own acting career while his daughter Keyanna has her own self-titled music career.

    How old are the family members?

    LaRon Johnson is 50 years old, while his wife Trinette is 45 years old. Their five children range in age from 26-year-old Trevone to 10-year-old Jordynn.

    Where does the majority of the family's income come from?

    The majority of the family's income comes from advertisements on their Youtube videos and monetizing content through sponsorship deals with various companies or brands linked to their lifestyle or interests.

    Despite rising to fame relatively quickly as a result of their larger than life personalities and comedic skits, there is no doubt that hard work and dedication were key components in earning such tremendous net worth for the Familytube Family. As they continue to expand into new business ventures they look set to further solidify themselves as a fixture among social media influencers and millionaires alike.


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