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Ron Jeremy is an actor and adult film star who has been dubbed “The Hedgehog” due to his portly figure and facial hair. Despite his somewhat unsavory past, Ron Jeremy has become an iconic symbol for the adult entertainment industry. His net worth has been estimated at a staggering $5 million dollars.

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Ronald Jeremy Hyatt (born March 12, 1953) is an American former pornographic actor. Ron Jeremy. Ron Jeremy 2009.jpg. Jeremy in 2009. Born.

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Apodado "The Hedgehog", Jeremy fue clasificado por AVN en el puesto número 1 en su lista de las "50 mejores estrellas porno de todos los tiempos".

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Ron Jeremy News | Photos | Quotes | Wiki - UPI.comRonald Jeremy Hyatt (born March 12, 1953), usually called Ron Jeremy, is an American pornographic actor. Nicknamed "The Hedgehog", he was ranked by AVN at ...

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  • How did Ron Jeremy amass such a high net worth?

    Since 1987, Ron Jeremy has appeared in approximately 2,300 pornographic films. His long career in the adult entertainment industry has allowed him to accumulate a considerable amount of wealth. Additionally, he also earns money through product endorsements and appearances at various events.

    What other projects has Ron Jeremy been involved with?

    Aside from appearing in pornographic films, Ron Jeremy has appeared on many television shows such as Married With Children, Zack and Miri Make a Porno, The Surreal Life and Family Guy. In addition to acting roles, he also works as an illustrator and cartoonist for various publications.

    What does Ron Jeremy do with his money?

    Much of Ron Jeremy's money is invested in stocks, bonds and mutual funds. He donates a portion of his earnings to charities that benefit children’s hospitals or AIDS research organizations. Additionally, he also uses his income to fund some of his own businesses such as a beachwear line and two nightclubs located in California.

    Ron Jeremy is a recognizable figure in the adult entertainment industry due to his successful career spanning over three decades as well as appearances on mainstream television programs. Although associated primarily with pornographic films, he also engages in other business ventures such as owning nightclubs and producing merchandise lines that have contributed significantly towards increasing his net worth to over $5million dollars.


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